What I do

Whether you plan on training alone, as a pair (with your partner or best friend), or in a small group I can help. There are training options for you regardless of your age, current fitness level and goals – but before you even getting close to slipping your trainers on for that first session, we need to meet. My job will be to work with you to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself, but first we need to meet so we can discuss your current state of health & fitness, and set realistic goals for your training. This is why I insist that every new client has an initial consultation before training can begin – the good news is that this consultation is free of charge.

Every prospective client has a no obligation, free of charge consultation.

It is invaluable for both you as a client and myself as your trainer to get a chance to meet prior to your first session. It gives you a chance to meet me in person before making any sort of financial commitment, and it allows me the chance find out more about you so that I can build a training programme that will really help you achieve your goals from the first session. The consultation will be very relaxed and friendly, and we will arrange for it to be at a location to suit you. It takes approximately 30 – 40 minutes and involves a health and lifestyle evaluation as well as discussing your goals and aims – I promise you won’t be asked to do any exercises and you don’t need to bring any gym kit to the consultation!

The initial consultation is completely free of charge. I’m confident once you’ve met me and we’ve discussed what I can do to help you that you will want me to train you, but you are under absolutely no obligation to make a booking. After meeting me however, if you are keen to get training we can book your first session and get started.

Your first training session

The normal length of a training session is 60 minutes, but your first training session will be slightly longer (approx. 90 minutes) because we will start with a health check (which will include blood pressure and weight measurements) and a brief fitness test. This is a very simple physical exercise programme which helps me ascertain where you fitness level sits so I can then build an effective training programme specifically for you. It is by no means designed to intimidate or put anyone off. It also means that you will be able to actually see the improvement as we go forward.

Pricing and Packages.

Your first training session (which includes a free health check and fitness test) costs £30. After this you can continue to book one session at a time or if you prefer you can book a block of sessions to reduce the cost. Full pricing is as follows:

Single session


5 session block

£125(£25 per session)

10 session block

£200(£20 per session)

Regardless of whether you book a block of sessions or book them one at a time, after each 10 training sessions I will carry out fitness and health assessments so we can monitor your progress. This is useful because it not only allows me to identify areas we need to focus on and make tweaks and changes to your training programme accordingly, but also nothing motivates like results. These regular assesments will show you the improvements you are making and drive you on.


The prices above are for one to one personal training sessions. If you want to train together as a pair, or as part of a small group, please contact me for prices.

All packages must be paid for in advance, and all sessions in a package must be used within 6 months. All training sessions require a minimum of 24 hours notice if you wish to reschedule/cancel, otherwise the full price of the session may be charged.

Where we will train

I’m flexible when it comes to where we train – this we can decide together. Some of my clients prefer me to come to their home to train there, but for most of my clients the training sessions take place in a gym where there is wide range of both cardio-vascular and resistance equipment we can use. Of course if the weather allows it’s also possible to train outside too. Living where we do there are so many outside spaces that we can use.

If you prefer to train in a gym environment I usually take clients to Inspiration Fitness in Roundswell, Barnstaple. This is a well appointed gym that I find lends itself to personal training.

North Devon Personal Training offers personal training services at Inspiration Fitness, Barnstaple.

Shall we make a start?

If you feel you’re ready to take the first step towards a fitter, healthier you then why not get in touch? You’ve got nothing to loose – simply complete the form below now to book your free consultation and I will get in touch so we can decide a time and a place for us to meet.

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